Final exam papers

Final exam papers

Now that the academic semester is over, I am uploading my final papers for the classes I followed. These, like all my other uploads, are available under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3.

These papers all received 75/100 points, so they are quite usable for your own projects.

Conceptions of Knowledge
Here I write about the different views on early Chinese philosophy as presented by Chad Hansen and Angus Charles Graham.
This essay was critiqued for being not very in-depth. “Perhaps an approach that would make the arguments of the paper, and the conclusions it reaches, more robust, focused and detailed would have been to compare how Hansen and Graham read chapter 1 of the DDJ, or how they gloss other chapters.”

Environmental Philosophy
This paper is about moral progress, focussing specifically on slavery and climate change.
According to my instructor, this essay was slightly unstructured.

Kant’s first critique
The focus of this essay is Kant’s views on God as perceived trough the eyes of various scholars and philosophers.
This essay lacked some coherence according to my teacher.