An unceremonious end (part two)

An unceremonious end (actually)

In a previous post, I indicated that this blog may come to a rather unceremonious end as the raspberry pi running it would eventually break down with no one to perform hands-on server maintenance. This eventuality became a reality some moths ago, and now, after a visit to my parental home where the raspberry is located, the problem is finally resolved.

The problem was, as it tends to be, a corrupted SD card. Luckily, I store the actual blog on a usb drive attached to the pi, but the build system was on the SD card and is now lost to time. In fact, I a writing this post directly in HTML, something which I have not done in a long time, but am rather enjoying at the moment. Because the build system is down this post will, for the moment, not be on the RSS feed while I try and get another build system up and running.